Bill Mark with a (small) alligator

Bill Mark - The rest of my life

I play lots of ultimate frisbee.

I also enjoy backcountry camping, discussing politics/public policy/etc., and home/car repair work.

Some day I might work on improving this web page.

Life History

I grew up in the Boston area, in Lexington, MA.

I went to college at Rice University in Houston, TX, where I learned to use the word "y'all".

Then I moved to Chapel Hill, NC to go to grad school at the University of North Carolina. One summer I worked at Silicon Graphics, on the Nintendo-64 project. One of the highlights of that summer was my first trip to the Prince of Wales Pub to eat a habanero hamburger.

After graduating from UNC, I moved to Silicon Valley for several years. I spent two and a half years working as a postdoc with Pat Hanrahan at Stanford University, and a year after that working at NVIDIA Corporation.

Next, I took a long vacation in Nepal and Thailand, then moved to Austin, TX to join the computer sciences faculty at The University of Texas at Austin. Contrary to what you might have heard about Texas, I have not yet had to buy a cowboy hat or a gun rack.